Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know how much I owe?

The College makes every effort to inform you of how much you owe and when your bill is due. Payment due dates are available, and can also be located for each Course Reference Number (CRN) for each course you are registering for on the Credit Schedule of Classes. Information about how much you owe is available on OwlNet, HCC's web portal. Once inside the portal, please click on the All About Me tab to reference your bill in the My Account channel. You may also contact the Cashier's Office if you have questions about your bill.

Can I pay my bill in more than one way?

Yes. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card. For example, part of your bill might be paid for by financial aid and another portion by third party tuition assistance, such as a 529 plan or an employer. You still might have a balance, which you could pay in full, pay in installments with the NBS/FACTS Payment Plan, or pay with a student loan.

Will I have any other costs besides tuition and fees?

Yes. The College estimates that books and supplies will cost approximately $650 per semester. (This can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the courses you're taking, whether uniforms are required, etc.). Additionally, you will have living expenses. Depending on your situation, these could include room, board (food), transportation, and other personal expenses such as clothing, car payments, insurance, child care, recreation, etc. 

What part of my bill am I responsible for?

You are responsible for all charges on your bill, even if someone else is paying your bill. For example, if your parents are paying all or a portion of your bill, you are still responsible for ensuring payment is made fully and on time.

If you have been awarded financial aid, you are responsible for any remaining balance that exceeds your financial award. Likewise, if you will be receiving tuition assistance from the military or another employer, it is important to register early so you can have all necessary forms completed and submitted well before payment deadlines. Following this advice minimizes the chance that you will have to pay before the funds to assist you are available.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid may include:

What types of financial aid can be used to cover my bill?

Most grant, scholarship, and/or loan awards listed on the Financial Aid web site can be used to cover all or a portion of your bill. Financial aid awards are adjusted based on your enrollment status (full, 3/4, half, or part time). Please contact Financial Aid for specific questions regarding your awards.

For additional ideas on ways to pay, visit Cash Course Paying for College.

What if my bill is due before my financial aid is processed?

You are responsible for paying your bill. If you have submitted all of your financial documents on time and your file is complete, Financial Aid will inform you of your financial aid eligibility. You will only be expected to pay the portion of your bill that is not covered by the awards. Otherwise, you must pay your bill and receive reimbursement once your financial aid eligibility is determined. For more information on financial aid eligibility, please refer to the Financial Aid web page. If you find you have to pay your bill before your financial aid is determined, the College's NBS/FACTS Payment Plan is a valuable service to consider.

If I do not pay for my classes, will the College drop me from those classes?

Yes, if you register for classes and do not pay by the required deadlines, then your classes will be dropped.

How do I get a refund if I cannot attend my classes?

If you officially drop your classes by the published refund date for that term, then the College will send you a refund. Please allow four weeks for delivery.