Harford Community College Foundation Scholarships

The Harford Community College Foundation manages gifts/donations which support the following:

  • Harford Community College Scholarships - funded by HCC
  • Harford Community College Foundation Scholarships - funded by the HCC Foundation
  • Private Scholarships - funded by private donors (See External Scholarship Resources)

Students should apply for all scholarships through the Financial Aid Office. Harford Community College uses AwardSpring Scholarship Management Software to assist our students in applying for scholarships. Students should verify that they meet the eligibility criteria and complete the online application directly through their Student Portal Account, OwlNet.  Applicants will be linked to the AwardSpring on-line scholarship application. Incomplete application submissions will not be considered. Please note: Several scholarships require letters of recommendation, narratives and/or personal interviews or with the donor/s. If you are unsure of a particular scholarship requirement or have questions, contact the Financial Aid Office at or call 443-412-2257.

In contrast to Harford Community College or HCC Foundation scholarships, private scholarships are created and funded by individuals, corporations, civic, religious, social, and fraternal organizations. These scholarships can range in amount from $250 to thousands of dollars, and some may cover the full cost of tuition, books and fees. 

2020 - 2021

Please contact the financial aid office directly by emailing or calling 443-412-2257 for an Institutional Grant Application for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Institutional Grants include the HCC Presidential Grant and HCC Presidential Grant for Dually Enrolled Students, HCC Merit Scholarship, HCC Head of Household, HCC Active Military or Dependent Grant, and HCC International Student Grant.

In addition, the HCC Foundation also manages several Transfer Scholarships. Transfer scholarships can offset the cost of tuition for those students who are HCC graduates and are continuing their education at a four year institution. Students must meet the eligibility criteria and complete the downloadable application. Students can view and download transfer scholarship applications on the HCC Foundation's page. Applications along with any required documentation are to be submitted to the Office of College and Alumni Development in the Chesapeake Center by April 15. For more information, contact Development Office or by phone on 443-412-2356.

Scholarship Deadlines

Fall 2020: May 15, 2020

Spring 2021: December 20, 2020