Watershed Stewards Academy

Harford Streams Watershed Stewards Academy

The next Watershed Stewards Academy will start in fall of 2019.

The Watersheds Stewards Academy (WSA) is a joint program provided by Harford County Government and University of Maryland Extension to develop, coordinate and support volunteer community leaders to serve as Master Watershed Stewards in protection, restoration and conservation of watersheds.

Keep our waters clean and beautiful through the WSAWant to improve stream heath in your community? Train to be a Master Watershed Steward.

Master Watershed Stewards will work in their communities and neighborhoods to:

  • Identify pollutants that impact stream health
  • Educate their neighbors about stream health
  • Take Actions to improve stream health

You don't have to be an expert; we'll show you the way! The Watershed Stewards Academy is a great opportunity to learn how to solve water quality problems in your community and join a local network of energized leaders.

** Teachers can now receive 5 MSDE credits for completing the program! **

For more information, contact the Harford County Watershed Protection and Restoration office:

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