Call for Proposals


Have you created art or poetry that connects to issues of identity and civil & political rights? Would you like to? The Hays-Heighe House here at HCC wants to display your work as an addition to our current exhibit, Votes for Women: Taking Our Place in Politics, which commemorates the women’s suffrage movement.

Submissions are due April 22, 2019. We will hold a reception on May 2 revealing the selected pieces, and they will be on view for the remainder of the exhibit.

Stop by during our open hours to view the current exhibit and get ideas for your work! We are open Tuesdays, 1-3, Thursdays, 3-5, and Fridays, 10-12, along with First Saturdays, 10-12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are issues related to “identity and civil & political rights?”

A. One clear example is the right to vote, which was central to both the women’s suffrage movement in the early twentieth century and to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which resulted in the Voting Rights Act. Today, with fears of vote suppression, questions of ID requirements, and concern for the disenfranchisement of felons, voting rights remain an important issue.

Given the topic of our larger exhibit, submissions that grapple with voting rights will receive primary consideration. It does not guarantee that we will choose your submission; nor does choosing another topic rule out your submission.

Q. Who may participate?

A. Any currently enrolled Harford Community College student may participate, whether you are taking credit or non-credit courses.

Q. On what basis will you choose items for display?

A. While we would love to display all submissions, we have limited space. We hope to provide a logical, thought-provoking grouping of student work drawn from the best submissions. Your artist statement, submitted with the work, is your chance to explain your piece and connect it with the exhibit’s theme.

Q. What exactly should be submitted, and when?

A. Reach out to us at any point in the process by emailing The submission deadline is Monday, April 22. You should include your name, email address, and phone number, along with your artist statement and a copy of your work. If the item is large / unwieldy, you may submit a photograph with measurements or something for scale. Our open hours are Tuesdays, 1-3, Thursdays, 3-5, and Fridays, 10-12, along with First Saturdays, 10-12. You can drop off your material during open hours or email us to make arrangements.

Q. How will my work be displayed?

A. Your work should be prepared to either hang on the wall (with a hook or wire) or, if it is a 3D object, sit in a display case; if you expect to need a display case you should email us to make arrangements.

Q. What if I want to participate, but am not crafty or literary?

A. You have two other options. The first is to select a famous artwork or poem, and write a brief essay about how it connects to the exhibit and what it means to you. Alternately, plan to take part in our historical tableaux in allegorical costume – come to our workshop on March 29 to learn more!