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Thank you!

    Senior Survey

    In an effort to better understand the educational plans of high school seniors in Harford County, we ask you to complete this brief survey. Thank you for your time.

    Which High School do you attend?*
    When do you plan to submit your college application(s)?*
    How many applications to you plan to submit?*
    Will you be applying at Harford Community College?*
    If yes, is Harford your:*
    Have you decided what you want to study?*
    If yes, is it a
    Which type of colleges are you considering? (Select as many as apply.)*
    What do you consider to be the top three factors affecting your choice? (Choose only 3.)*
    How are you researching colleges? (Select all that apply.)*
    When did you start thinking about the college process?*
    Have you taken dual enrollment classes while in high school?*
    If yes, how many credits will you have earned by graduation?