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AREA OF INTEREST:Education | Social Sciences

Students who want to pursue majors within this interest area are often patient and empathetic. They thrive on making a difference in people's lives and in the world, and that drives them to succeed. They enjoy taking on supportive, nurturing roles and are good at both listening and communicating. They are passionate about helping others—whether it involves solving interpersonal or social problems or teaching students in a classroom. Sound like you? Explore the programs of study that Harford Community College offers in this interest area.


Get Involved

Harford Community College students interested in these fields can join clubs like the Future Educators of America, participate in Psi Beta psychology honor society, or intern at the Early Learning Center on campus. Recently, some of our paralegal studies students took advantage of a six-credit study program in Italy. 

Transfer Options

The majors within this interest area almost always require an advanced degree so you should be prepared to transfer after earning your associate degree, and most likely, continue on to a Master's degree. If you choose the teaching route you may start your career with a Bachelor's degree and work toward a Master's within a certain period of time.