Prepare for transfer to UMD's Institute of Applied Agriculture and enter this growing, and increasingly hi-tech field.

Pursuing a degree in agriculture studies will give you opportunities in various fields of agricultural business such as animal science, food production, horticulture, as well as management fields like golf course, turfgrass, landscape, and property management.


General education courses offered at Harford are meant to prepare students for transfer to the Institute of Applied Agriculture. The Institute offers the subject-specific courses required for this program. Harford awards the Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Technical/Professional Studies upon successful completion of the program. In order to graduate with this degree, a student must have an approved written learning plan, including concentration area, developed in collaboration with a Faculty Advisor or an Academic Division Dean.

Program Overview


Program Requirements:

Technical/Professional Studies AAS


No. of Credits:

Technical/Professional Studies AAS: 60




Miriam Wiglesworth







Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Harford's small, student-centered, and flexible learning class options are the ideal learning environment for your agricultural studies.

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What kind of courses can I expect to take?

Develop a strong background in agricultural studies through required courses and electives like these at Harford:

Technical/Professional Core

General Education Courses


Technical/Professional Electives



What can I do when I complete this program?

This degree is designed in cooperation with University of Maryland, College Park and to transfer directly to Institute of Applied Agriculture.

Top Transfer Destinations

  • University of Maryland, Institute of Applied Agriculture

Potential Careers

  • Agricultural Business Management

  • Golf Course Management

  • Landscape Management

  • Turfgrass Management

Use the Career Insight Tool to see what opportunities are available for you.




Who teaches this program?

At Harford, our award-winning full-time and adjunct faculty bring a wealth of industry and classroom experience to professionally mentor and guide you through your program.

How do I get started?

You've taken your first step into a larger world of possibility for you and your future. Now is the time! Reach out and apply, request more information, or visit our campus.