Printing for Community Borrower & Continuing Education Users

Printing instructions for community borrowers & continuing education users.

Printing costs 10 cents for each black & white copy and $1 for each color copy.

  1. Visit the Circulation or Reference desk to register for a computer, if you plan to print, a PaperCut account will be created for you.
  2. A service desk member will log you into a computer.
  3. Once the desktop screen comes up, you will need to wait for the PaperCut login to appear.
  4. Log in with your PaperCut Username and Password. The balance widget at the top right of the desktop will display your current balance.
  5. To add funds to your account, click on the add funds link. This will open the online payment form. Enter your information and click submit. Make sure you think about the amount of funds you need to print; this is a non-refundable transaction.
  6. A pop-up box will inform you that you are going to a secure site for payment.
  7. A window will appear asking for the payment option. Enter your payment choice and click on continue checkout.
  8. Enter your payment information and click on continue checkout. Note that you must have an email address. You will receive email confirmation of the credit card transaction.
  9. A transaction screen will appear. Make sure to click on sign out when you are finished.
  10. The desktop widget will now show your new balance and you are ready to print. Funds will deduct from your account when you release the prints at the print station.

Ready to release your prints?

  • Print from Word, Excel, etc. as you normally would. Select, File > Print.
  • Go to one of the Sharp printers in the library to release your print job.
  • Using the keypad on the Sharp printer, log in with your PaperCut username and password.
  • Select your print job and select Print to print your document.