Research Consultation

Need help with a research project? Schedule a one-on-one research consultation with a Librarian.

The librarian will provide up to one hour of individual help with library research—either in-person or online via Teams meeting or chat.

During the consultation the Librarian can help with:
• Topic selection and refinement
• Selecting and using appropriate research tools and sources
• Choosing effective search terms
• Citation creation

NOTE: For help with the actual production of the paper, including outlining, proof-reading, and paper formatting, contact the Learning Center.


First & Last Name
How would you like to meet?
Describe your research project, including the specific topic you are researching and the types of sources required. Please bring a copy of the assignment description with you to the consultation.
The service is available 8-5 M-Th and 8-3 on Friday. List at least 3 dates and times you are available to meet. Please request dates at least three business days in advance.
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