An Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Service Learning Conference

TUE, MAY 24  |  10 AM-2 PM  |  Harford Community College

This conference is designed to acquaint undergraduate students with the process and academic rigors of presenting projects in a professional setting. Students will be given the opportunity to present research and projects that have been conducted under the supervision of a faculty member or professional in the field. All are invited to attend.



The deadline to submit abstracts has passed. Please register to join us at the Conference.

Harford Community College and Cecil College undergraduate students in all academic fields are invited to submit an abstract and register to participate. Project submissions may include poster boards, research papers, and PowerPoint presentations. Three $100 prizes will be awarded for Best Scientific Work, Best Creative Work and Best Poster Presentation.


Past Scholar Presentations and Research Examples

Anthropoquantitivism: A Critique of the Deficient Mode of Anthropocentrism in Western Technological Society

The intention of this paper is to critique the ethico-ontological state of Western technological society, its perceptions of its current place in progress, and the method by which the current conception of progress is sought and enframed, with the goal of demonstrating by this analysis that the current methodology is a deficient one. I use the deontological ethics of Kant to critique the place of rational beings within the current framework of technological progress and Heidegger’s analysis of the nature of modern technology to critique the current conceptions of the position of the anthropic world to the ananthropic and to the tools of technological progress. I demonstrate that the mode of Western technological progress is deficient anthropocentrism, demeaning individuals to the place of means to quantitative ends and the natural world to a series of energies to be used to similar ends. This deficient anthropocentrism I propose to call Anthropoquantitivism, and that herein lies the Supreme Danger envisioned by Heidegger. Having demonstrated this, I propose a general scheme for the ideal form of progress, that is an anthropo-poietical one, in which the autonomy of the Kingdom of Ends and the poietical revealing of Truth from concealment is pursued above all.

The Impact of Animal-Assisted Therapy: Veterans Who Have Experienced PTSD Symptoms

The impact of animal-assisted therapy on veterans who have experienced PTSD symptoms can vary. This research presents evidence to showcase the benefits of animal-assisted therapy used as a treatment method for veterans with PTSD symptoms. A survey was developed to determine how others viewed the benefits of this type of intervention. Participants of this survey consisted of volunteer members of Project Liberty Ship; a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the S.S. John W. Brown. The results indicate that those who have taken part in a form of animal-assisted therapy considered their experience very beneficial. Eighty percent of the respondents indicated that they would participate in animal-assisted therapy to treat PTSD symptoms if that scenario applied to them. Forty-two percent reported that they believed animal-assisted therapy would best improve behavioral symptoms. Based on the statistical analysis of the survey results, it was found that animal-assisted therapy is beneficial for the participants involved; however, more evidence is needed to support this conclusion. Though preliminary results suggest that animal-assisted therapy is beneficial to PTSD victims, another survey that includes the affected population may produce more concrete conclusions.

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Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage in the US Can Result in Economic Disaster

Through the years 1933 to 2009, the minimum wage was established and enhanced up to $7.25 in the United States with a prospect of providing both macroeconomic and microeconomic benefits. However, as they say, there is “no free lunch”, raising the minimum wage comes with the adverse economic opportunity costs of overall higher unemployment rates and higher costs of production by firms. Recent studies have shown that a 10% increase in the minimum wage increases unemployment by 3-5% during recessions. Many perceive an increase in minimum wages as an anti-poverty tool, but it has been found that it results in higher poverty rates as workers’ hours are reduced. Furthermore, higher labor costs can induce many businesses to outsource jobs globally to maintain their profits and productive efficiency. Additionally, an increase in minimum wage can bring an unplanned side-consequence of higher childcare costs in the US which can enlarge gender-based inequalities in the labor market.

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The History of the Science Behind Memory

The presentation would be about the history of the science behind memory. Specifically, it will evaluate the use of lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy and how they have contributed and played an important role in scientists’ understanding of memory as it is today. First, it will evaluate what a lobotomy is as well as the key terminology and concepts related to lobotomies, then it will provide how the practice came to fruition, and finally, it will evaluate a specific lobotomy case, as well as provide a source-based argument on the matter. Once the necessary information on lobotomies has been provided, the same information will be provided and evaluated for electroconvulsive therapy. The presentation would seek to evaluate as well as argue the importance of these areas of research as they relate to memory.

Child Poverty: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Child poverty is a problem in both the United States and worldwide. It is continually climbing at an alarming rate and endangers the health, safety, and development of children. Studies have shown that the brain structure of impoverished children develops abnormally and contributes to attainment deficiencies (Hair, et al). Child poverty rates vary according to gender, race, family structure, and geographic location. According to the United States Census Bureau, although previous methods of measuring child poverty have become outdated, updated models provide more accurate statistics of child poverty. There are various assistance programs available to impoverished children in the US, as well as global volunteer organizations that advocate for them. However, additional efforts are needed to eradicate child poverty such as educational funding and programs, affordable childcare, and extended paid maternity and paternity leave. This research aims to provide insight into the causes, effects, and preventative measures of child poverty.


Progressive Income Taxation in the United States

Furthering the progressivity of income tax will exhibit and has exhibited negative effects in the U.S. economy. Progressive income taxation has been a well-studied topic for many decades in the economic world as well as a serious debate in the political arena. Its effects and concepts have long been a primary source for redistribution of income, but with what disadvantages? This study investigates the effectiveness of instituting a raise in progressive income taxation to facilitate economic growth and reduce income inequality within the United States, and the progressive taxation’s impact on the economy. The hypothesis used is that progressive taxation is detrimental to the economy and not as effective at solving economic issues as the majority may believe it to be. Through an analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, with a focus on qualitative research stemming from secondary data, correlations and cause and effect relationships were discovered and explored. The results of this research conclude that progressive taxation in relationship to its amount of progressivity, can in fact, (contrary to belief) make many aspects of the economy worse off.

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