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STEM Day 2023

STEM Day 2023

STEM Day 2023 Highlights and Keynote Speaker

Anne Marie McNamaraMore than one hundred people, including Harford students, high school students, faculty and community members participated in STEM Day 2023. The keynote address, Data Science as a Super Power with Amelia McNamara, PhD of the University of St. Thomas, MN, was well-researched and thought-provoking. Audience members were challenged to consider the potential ramifications of their daily “data exhaust” and to consider what happens when supposedly “neutral” computer algorithms frequently inadvertently perpetuate systemic racism and bias. Breakout sessions were given by Harford students and faculty members. There were also presentations regarding STEM career opportunities by personnel from Aberdeen Proving Ground and the U.S. Geological Survey, as well as presentations regarding internship and scholarship opportunities. Seventeen Harford students presented research talks or posters during the event. The day concluded with an engaging panel discussion with current students and alumni.

Presentations from STEM Day 2023

  • Alexandra Fender and Kellie Simon: Discovery of ShaKen Bacteriophage
  • Alejandro Satz: Quantum Entanglement: A Simple Explanation of a Bewildering Subject
  • Thomas McCarty-Gibson: Experiences with the SMART Scholarship and Harford Community College
  • Druscilla Darkwa, Benjaporn Perkins: Isolation and Discovery of a Bacteriophage from an Environmental Sample
  • Izora Williams: Bacteriophage PierreOrion

presenter at projector

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presenter critiquing poster presentation

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