Cyber Defense Association

Cybersecurity Awareness is gripping our nation. . . are you prepared?

The Harford Community College Cyber Defense Association (CDA) is a student run association that focuses on cybersecurity and how to identify, protect, respond and defend organizational assets. 

Our main purpose is to develop and encourage cybersecurity awareness and application by providing students with the tools and education they need to advance their cybersecurity careers.

To accomplish this goal, we participate in community/national cyber challenges, outreach programs about security related topics, host tech talks and guest speakers that are leaders in the cybersecurity field.

The CDA utilizes the Harford Community College's new cybersecurity labs to instruct students and practice hands-on cyber challenges or topics that will enrich the student's understanding of cybersecurity.

Upcoming Meetings:
Meetings are held in Joppa Hall 008 unless otherwise noted

11/13/17 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting
Speaker:  Jessica Young, FBI Cyber
     Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Squad
     Ms. Young will discuss the following:
     --Different roles available at the FBI
     --What it takes to get in to the FBI
     --Relocation, case work
     --Audience Q&A

12/11/17 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting



The cyber program recently installed two cybersecurity labs to instruct students in all aspects of cybersecurity and provide hands-on practice.
Cyber Computer Lab

Cyber Computer Lab

Club Officers:

President - SarahLynne Rollins

Vice President - Brian Smith

Secretary - Trevor Smith

Treasurer - Wendell Chives

Arthur Willoughby

Portia Crowe, PhD