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Owl Magazine is published annually, offering the campus community articles of general interest, opinion pieces, entertainment stories and reviews, features pieces, sports articles, and articles on fashion and health.

The student work is recognized at the annual Owlsy Awards, a competition honoring achievements in writing, editing, photography, and design with Owl Magazine.

Students interested in gaining experience in print journalism may serve on the staff as graphic designers, writers, editors, photographers, business managers, and computer technicians. Students interested in writing for Owl Magazine may register for 1-3 credits of Mass Communications Independent Study or may enroll in MC 208: College Magazine Production I (3 credits). Students who have successfully completed MC 208 are encouraged to register for MC 209: College Magazine Production II (3 credits). No previous journalism experience is necessary, and students do not have to be enrolled in journalism courses to participate.

Owl Magazine Staff Spotlight - Caroline

Caroline Cooney - Owl Staffer Spotlight


 By Owl Magazine Staff

 Caroline Cooney didn’t waste any time making her mark with Owl Magazine. In her first semester at HCC, Cooney contributed to two award-winning efforts. The College Media Association awarded the magazine with first place honors for “Best Magazine Spread” and “Best Print Ad.” “As a freshman at HCC and a new staff member, winning these national awards is an amazing accomplishment that will definitely strengthen my resume,” Cooney states. “Personally, I enjoy working in several different areas of journalism including photography, design, editing, and writing,” she adds. Cooney is currently working on an article for the 2019 issue. Although she loves journalism, her main focus is getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology. “Once I get to that level,” Cooney says, “I hope to work with patients who are struggling with mental illnesses and if possible, help them recover from their illness.” No matter what she does, Cooney definitely has a bright future ahead.


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