Support and FAQs

Intervene and Address the Issues That Can Lead up to Sexual Harassment and Assault

  • Talk with male friends about confronting violence against women.
  • Stand up to your friends if they are harassing someone. Tell them you don’t think it’s funny.
  • Don’t laugh at sexist jokes or comments.
  • Speak up when you hear people making statements that blame victims.

How You Can Safely Intervene if You are a Witness to Sexual Misconduct

  • Get HCC Public Safety or the local police involved.
  • Ask a friend in a potentially dangerous situation if he/she wants to leave.
  • Ask a victim if he/she is ok.
  • Look out for friends at parties and bars.
  • If a friend is too intoxicated at a party, get him or her to a safe place immediately.
  • If you see something, say something.  Intervening could save a friend from becoming a victim or from committing a crime.
  • A perpetrator who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is still responsible for his/her behavior and can be found guilty of rape if positive consent was not shared.