Help - Faculty Websites

Requesting a Faculty Website

First, make sure you have contacted your department head or division dean to request a webspace. Once this has been approved, contact the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) at for assistance with setting up your webspace.

Accessing Your Website

How you access your site depends on where your website is located.

If you use Softchalk to host your website:

To open your website:

  1. Using your browser, connect to Softchalk at:
  2. Please note that your username and password at SoftChalk is not the same as your HCC username and password.

Need Help?

If you use for your website:

Faculty Websites on are updated using Microsoft Expressions Web. If you do not have Microsoft Expressions Web on your workstation please submit a workorder to Computer Services to request the software. To edit your website from home you can download Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free version) from Microsoft.

To open your website:

  1. Start Microsoft Expressions Web.
  2. On the menu bar, select Site > Open Site...
  3. Type the complete URL for your site in the Location textbox:<username>
    (Where <username> is the name of your faculty folder on the web site.)
  4. Click Open.
  5. When prompted for your username and password:
    • Enter your email address as your username. (Use your email address to ensure you connect to the domain)
    • Enter your Password.
    • Click OK, and your website should open for you.

After your first login, your website will appear in the Managed Sites list when you click Open Site...

For Help:

  • If you are not able to connect, confirm that you are connecting to the correct URL, and that you are using your email address as your username, and if you are still unable to connect contact Computer and Technology Services to have your permissions checked.
  • If you need help using Expression Web try reviewing "Expression Web Basics."
  • If you still need help with Expression Web, or the content on your website, please contact the Instructional Resource Center (IRC).

Updating Your Website

Once you have gotten connected as described above, the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) can help you with any problems you may have updating your website. The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) can help you with both Softchalk and Faculty Websites on, but you are encouraged to use Softchalk for its ease of use.  If you are interested in transferring your website to Softchalk please discuss this option with the IRC staff.