There’s no better time to get in shape than now! Get moving with these fitness classes at Harford Community College. Whether you are looking for a high energy workout, toning, or outdoor exploration, there’s something for everyone. Visit for a complete listing of group fitness classes.


  • October 30-December 13 (Mon., Wed.), 11:45 AM-12:45 PM
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 212

If you've already taken Introduction to Pilates and are looking for the next step, this class is for you. Previous Pilates experience is highly recommended. This class will allow you to experience deeper core work. Wear comfortable, movable clothing. Tuition: $60. Fee: $30. Course: 45210. Call 443-412-2113.


  • October 30-December 11 (Mon.), 7-8 PM (Course 45221) or
    November 1-December 13 (Wed.), 7-8 PM (Course 45223) or
    November 4-December 16 (Sat.), 9-10 AM (Course 45225)
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 207

Zumba combines high-energy, motivating Latin and international music with unique moves and combinations that allow you to dance away your worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be fun and easy to do to achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is great for the body and mind. It is a feel-happy workout. Zumba creates a party-like atmosphere! Be prepared to sweat! Tuition: $31. Fee: $19. (For Course 45225, Tuition: $26, Fee: $16.) Call 443-412-2113.

Tabata Bootcamp

  • November 2-21 (Tues., Thurs), 7-8 PM (Course: 45439) or
    November 4-18 (Sat.), 8-9 AM (Course 45441)
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 207

Tabata training is a high intensity interval training method incorporating sets of workouts that last four minutes each. Adding this type of workout to your fitness routine will produce results that offer more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise. It’s fast and versatile, burns fat, and raises your metabolism. Tuition: $35, Fee: $5 for Course 45439; Tuition $16, Fee: $5 for Course 45441. Call 443-412-2113.

Water Aerobics

  • October 31-December 12 (Tues.), 7:30-8:30 AM (Course: 45375) or
    November 6-December 13 (Mon., Wed.), 9-10 AM (Course 45390)
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 241

Water aerobics can be a pleasurable experience. These aerobic exercises are designed specifically for water, and they provide benefits such as body toning, muscle flexibility, and improvement to the cardiovascular system. Besides, it's not only healthy, it's fun! Tuition: $59, Fee: $11 for Course 45375; Tuition $110, Fee: $40 for Course 45390. Call 443-412-2113.

Butts and Guts

  • November 7-December 12 (Tues.), 5-6 PM
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 207

This class will kick your butt, thighs, and abs. Exercises are designed to isolate everything under the ribcage. Tuition: $39. Fee: $5. Course: 45395. Call 443-412-2113.