There’s no better time to get in shape than now! Get moving with these fitness classes at HCC. Whether you’re looking for a high energy workout, toning, or outdoor exploration, there’s something for everyone. Visit for a complete listing of group fitness classes.

Cardio/Strength Circuit

  • September 27 to December 13 (Wed.), 6-7 PM
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center

A strength and cardio circuit that will challenge your entire body. This 60-minute workout will get your heart rate up while strengthening your upper body, lower body, and core – all while introducing you to our workout equipment. This class will target strength building, muscle endurance and toning, and increase your overall cardio health. Tuition: $110. Fee: $29. Course: 45609. Call 443-412-2113.

Tai Chi

  • September 16 to December 9 (Sat.), 10:45 AM-12:15 PM
  • Harford Community College, Susquehanna Center, Room 207

Experience general level classes in the Wu Dong style of Tai Chi Chuan. Each class will start with a warm-up designed to strengthen and stretch the body, followed by short exercises in Qi Gong. These exercises help to develop the deeper meditative side of Tai Chi. Footwork, balance, and coordination are developed by practicing the four basic stances of Chinese martial arts and the practice of walking Qi Gong. Will also do work with the form and push hands. Tuition: $135. Fee: $14. Course: 45254. Call 443-412-2113.