Alumna Success Story – Tanisha Smith

03 June 2021
"You create your own reality and your own future, and with the support of HCC, you can most definitely achieve what you want.”

Alumna Tanisha Smith graduated from Harford Community College with an Associate of Arts in General Studies in 2016. “I decided to go back to college to finish what I started. I served in the Air Force after high school and had taken college courses off and on. I knew that I needed to finish my higher education to give myself more opportunities and improve my life,” Tanisha said.

Enrolling at Harford allowed her to pursue her plan and complete a degree. “I would recommend the College to others because I think it’s a great community of people who will support you full range in your growth as a student. You’ll obtain the knowledge you need to do well in your career and it’s in the heart of your community.” She said there were so many helpful people at HCC, but some of the standouts included Sharoll Williams-Love, Jasmin Turner, Donna Feldman, Gregory Gibson, Will Wheeler, Blake Napfel, Mr. Ralf Fritze, and employees in the Career Center, Fitness Center, Library and Information Resources department.

Tanisha worked as a Computer Technician in the College’s Information Technology Services Department for two years. She left to pursue a career with Johns Hopkins University, where she’s worked as a Senior Technical Support Analyst for nearly four years. “I love working as an Information Technology professional. I enjoy having a unique skillset that allows me to help others do their job effectively and make an impact on my community. I love that in my field you never really stop learning because technology is always growing and expanding,” she said.

Tanisha felt that her education at Harford prepared her well for her future. “My education was imperative to my career. All the positive experiences I experienced at Harford allowed me to grow professionally and personally. From my time as a student to my time as an employee, I met some really incredible people who believed in me and encouraged me. There are times now where I feel imposter syndrome, being one of the only black women in my field and feeling like I don’t belong in Information Technology, but then I remember all the experiences I had and how hard I worked to get where I belong, and that encourages me to keep going no matter what. Harford definitely prepared me to face the challenges that will no doubt come my way and take them on confidently.”

During her years as a student, Tanisha participated in Harford’s Rites of Passage program. “It was so enriching to my life at that time. The program provided me with opportunities to learn, become more culturally well-rounded, attend events that celebrated my heritage, and meet some incredible people from the HCC community.” She was also a member of the Cyber Defense Association.

Tanisha is a parent volunteer with the Greater Baltimore Urban League. She loves listening to podcasts and audio books, visiting museums, the beach, cultural events, and traveling.

Alumna Success Story – Tanisha Smith

Her advice to other students:

“Get involved, be open to meeting new people, take advantage of the resources offered, seek out opportunities and knowledge outside of your academics, stay focused, and never give up even if you fail or don’t do well in something. It’s never too late to do what you love. You create your own reality and your own future, and with the support of HCC, you can most definitely achieve what you want.”

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