Faculty + Staff Directory

Gallihue, Suzanne Asst. Dir., Financial Aid Financial Aid 443.412.2248
Galvan, Sonia Associate Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2545
Garza, Deanna Assistant Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2739
Gasswint, Heather Administrative Assistant II Community Education 443.412.2241
Gereli, Susan Buying & Accounting Assoc. HCC Bookstore 443.412.2000
Gibson, Gregory Technology Spec.II ITS - Academic Technology Service 443.412.2289
Gilcher, Clayton Coord, Lifestyle & Cmnty Fit Physical Ed. NonCredit 443.412.2113
Girardi, Amanda Assistant Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2000
Gisriel, Elaine Student Development Specialist Advising & Career Services 443.412.2080
Golden, Carine Human Resources Assistant Human Resources 443.412.2631
Goss, Jeanne Coordinator for Admissions Admissions 443.412.2000
Gottschalk, Dena Std Devel Spec - ACTS Advising & Career Services 443.412.2763
Grayson, Carly Liaison to the Exec Suite President of the College 443.412.2040
Gribbin, Cynthia Assistant Professor Communication Studies 443.412.2659
Griffith, Katy SAVE Project Coordinator Sexual Assault & Violence Education 443.412.2279
Grimm, Kevin Maintenance Technician II Facilities Maintenance 443.412.2677
Grissom, Dawn Director - Ctr for Tech. Pathw NSF Hire Harford First 443.412.2364
Hall, Gail Events Management Assoc. Events and Conferencing 443.412.2547
Hall, Robert Public Safety Officer Department of Public Safety 443.412.2000
Hallock, Stephanie Professor Political Science 443.412.2262