Faculty + Staff Directory

Spinnato, Amy Dir., Financial Aid Financial Aid 410.836.4000
Spoerl, Susan Registration & Records Assoc. Records and Registration 443.412.2327
Starkey, Jennifer Asst Director for Admissions Admissions 443.412.2311
Stephens, Teresa Asst Manager, Test Center Testing 443.412.2000
Stephens, Bill Assistant Professor Engineering 443.412.2000
Stover, Stacie Adminstrative Assistant II Development 443.412.2000
Stowers, Sharon Professor Sociology 443.412.2059
Strittmatter, Mike Digital Media Specialist Library and Information Resources 443.412.2424
Sullivan, Robin Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 443.412.2000
Sulzbach, Bonnie Dir., Advising Advising & Career Services 443.412.2119
Surasky, Terry Assistant Professor Mathematics 443.412.2088
Swift, Julie Administrative Asst. III Behav. & Social Sci. Operations 443.412.2564
Tabor, Linda Assoc. Dir., HRED Human Resources 443.412.2492
Terry, Matthew WHFC Cmty Outr & Prg Spc WHFC Radio Station Operations 443.412.2605
Terry, Sheila Asst. Dir., Public Relations Materials Development 443.412.2422
Thompson, Jessie Instructional Specialist DLLR ABE Federal FY22 443.412.2000
Tittle, Lisa Professor Transitional English 443.412.2104
Townend, Christine Senior Accountant Finance & Accounting 443.412.2207
Towner, Jennie Assoc. VP, Student Dev. Student Development Operations 443.412.2142
Travers, Barbara Registration & Records Assoc. Records and Registration 443.412.2329