Faculty + Staff Directory

Lohinski, Katie Assistant Professor Transitional English 443.412.2000
Lucas, Tammira Assistant Professor Business (incl. Real Estate) 443.412.2541
Madden, Jaclyn Associate Professor Biology 443.412.2000
Mahinka, Janice Assistant Professor Music 443.412.2000
Mancine, Julie HHH Coord and College Archivst Hayes Heighe House Operations 443.412.2085
Manning, Leslie Transcript Evaluator Records and Registration 443.412.2309
Manrakhan, Wayne . Physics 443.412.2000
Martin, Breonna Assistant Professor Biology 443.412.2243
Martin, Diane Payroll Specialist Human Resources 443.412.2368
Martinkus, Nadine Disability Services Specialist Disability Services 443.412.2402
Mason, Pamela Systems Analyst ITS - Institutional Enterprise Info 443.412.2556
Massoni, Sherry Assistant Dean of CET Continuing & Community Education 443.412.2366
Mathias, Janet Student Dev. Spec. Advising & Career Services 443.412.2431
McCreary, Kristin Nrs Std Success & Retnt Spec Nursing & Allied Health Profession 443.412.2000
McFarland, Jim Professor Art 443.412.2247
McGee-Kraus, Sonia Sr. Financial Aid Spec. Financial Aid 443.412.2000
Meek, Donna Admissions Spec. Admissions 443.412.2000
Meisel, Ashley Assistant Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2043
Merryman, Bill Application Developer ITS - Business Applications 443.412.2360
Miller, Dotti Professor English 443.412.2253