Giving to Harford

Harford realizes that people have various reasons and motivations for giving.

We offer our donors several ways to support our students and in doing so, the community.


Your support impacts students. Period. Whether it is directly through scholarships, or indirectly through equipment and facilities, the money to donate makes a difference. In the past year the foundation awarded more than $28,000 to students  through the Student Emergency Assistance (SEA) fund. These funds allowed students to continue their studies through the COVID-19 pandemic and still be able to put food on the table, go to work, and provide care for others. YOU made that difference.


What you can support

Supporting the President's Fund for Excellence ensures that the President has the resources to make tactical investments for the College. Nationally recognized academic institutions are so because of breakthroughs made in their classrooms, laboratories, and their communities. Their ideas and tireless work, over and above the everyday, open new avenues of discovery to create groundbreaking courses, technology, and research. Within the rich testbed of ideas at Harford Community College are selected priorities that advance our mission, our vision, and ultimately, our students.

The President's Initiatives include:

  • Targeted initiatives to improve student academic achievement
  • Efforts that broaden experiential learning opportunities such as service learning and study abroad programs
  • Equipment and technology to support innovation and improve student support and administrative functions
  • Emerging programs to support the College's strategic plan.


Gifts to the President's Fund for Excellence begin at $5,000 and all gifts will be publicly recognized.

The My College Success Network is designed to empower and support students of color at Harford Community College through academic coaching, mentoring, programming, and opportunities. All students, regardless of ethnicity, are welcome to participate.

The Harford Owl Fund gives the Harford Community College Foundation the means to empower our students to grow, achieve, inspire and contribute. Often we find students who check all of the boxes for admissions, advising and enrollment, but still have one more hurdle to jump before being able to begin their academic journey. That hurdle is a financial one. Your gift to The Harford Owl Fund allows us to remove that obstacle and get these students on a secure pathway to make a positive impact in the world.

Providing scholarships to Harford Community College students is a perfect way to help develop the next generation of community leaders. Donors may start their own scholarship (a minimum yearly donation of $500 by completing a Scholarship Agreement that outlines the type of scholarship, eligibility requirements, and award amount. Donors are then invoiced annually and may deduct their donation to the fullest extent of the law.

Donors may also contribute to an existing scholarship through an our Click and Pledge system where you are able indicate the scholarship you wish to support. To donate by check, download a donation form and mail the completed form with a check to:

Harford Community College
Foundation, Inc.
401 Thomas Run Road
Bel Air, MD 21015

Established by former president Dr. Dennis Golladay, in partnership with the Harford Community College Foundation, this fund provides emergency financial assistance to currently enrolled Harford Community College students who are facing a short-term financial emergency. The goal? To help Harford students remain in school through difficult situations.

Funds are awarded from donations made to the SEA Fund through the Harford Community College Foundation and are made based on fund availability with the maximum award being $500 per student per academic year.

Leave your mark on Harford Community College! An array of possibilities exists for donors interested in naming opportunities at Harford, from labs and classrooms to buildings. Gifts can be made in a single payment or pledged over a five-year period. Current opportunities are available in Aberdeen Hall, Darlington Hall, The APGFCU Arena, and the Susquehanna Center.

Minimum amounts are necessary to name indoor physical facilities.

Building: $1,000,000
Lobby: $150,000
Lecture Hall: $50,000
Labs: $25,000-$35,000
Classroom: $25,000

Your gift may be designated to support:

Building Enhancements | Learning Enhancements | Program Development | Scholarships | Sustainability Efforts | Unrestricted Fund