Frequently Asked Questions


What if I, or someone on campus, test positive for COVID-19?

Any student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 should email The information provided will be kept private and confidential, and be used only by the College's trained contact tracers, in consultation with the Harford County Health Department, for contact tracing purposes. Affected campus buildings will be sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines before reopening.

I am required to be on campus but cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. What should I do?

All individuals on campus are required to wear an approved face covering at all times. If a medical issue prevents this you must request an accommodation for access.
Students: email
Employees: contact Michelle Fredenrich, Benefits and Employee Wellness Specialist

Will the College be providing masks?

The College has a limited supply of single-use paper masks for students and employees. To the extent possible, everyone is asked to provide their own approved face covering.

What safety controls have been put in place to protect students and employees?

The College has installed administrative and engineering controls to enforce social distancing (i.e., Plexiglas barriers, furniture reconfiguration) as well as floor and wall signage to enforce social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing. Measures have been taken to increase the level of fresh air that is circulated in campus buildings. Access to buildings is restricted; all individuals must first successfully undergo the screening process before being admitted to any building. Public Safety will maintain a record of any individual who enters a campus building to assist in contact tracing efforts in the event that someone who has been on campus later tests positive for COVID-19.

How frequently will campus buildings be cleaned?

Buildings that are in use will be deep cleaned nightly. Throughout the day, common-use areas will be wiped down by the College's housekeeping staff. In high-traffic areas (e.g., classrooms, student services offices), cleaning will occur between each use.

Will vaccinations be required to return to campus?

No. The College will not require vaccination as a condition for returning to campus—for students or employees.

Will athletic activities resume in Spring 2021?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA) is encouraging colleges to continue their athletic programs, but only in a safe and healthy environment. Spring competition and practices will begin in February and March. The following athletic programs will be competing this spring: Men and Women’s soccer, Softball, Baseball, Men’s Lacrosse, and Men and Women’s Tennis. The following athletic programs will participate in an “off-season” program: Men and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Lacrosse, and Volleyball.  Practices and games are contingent on Harford County positivity rate metrics. All student athletes must adhere to COVID protocols.

Will registered student organizations continue to meet in Spring 2021?

In Spring 2021, registered student organizations (RSOs) will conduct all organizational activities in a virtual arena utilizing new and existing technologies to keep students engaged. RSO advisors and club members will receive further training and information concerning programming and complying with COVID-19 safety and health guidelines. For additional questions concerning RSOs, please contact Jo Chase.

How will the College enforce safety guidelines (i.e., social distancing, mask-wearing, etc.)? Will there be repercussions for people who don't follow guidelines?

The College reserves the right to deny any person entrance to the College or to remove any person from the buildings or grounds of the College who poses a risk of harm to our students, employees, other visitors, or property. Students or employees failing to comply with the screening measures and/or wear a face mask, as directed, will be escorted off campus by the Department of Public Safety. Any person who fails or refuses to leave property owned or controlled by the College after being asked to do so by Public Safety shall be in violation of Section 26-102 of the Education Article, Maryland Annotated Code, and will be subject to arrest and criminal penalties upon conviction.

Students: will be subject to discipline under the Code for Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct (“Student Code”). Students found to have committed or attempted to engage in prohibited conduct, including but not limited to the failure to comply with directions of College officials acting in the performance of their duties, are subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to Interim Suspension. The College retains the authority to impose an Interim Suspension, prior to a resolution of charges, if such action is necessary to preserve the safety of persons or property and/or if the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the College.

Employees: will be in violation of the College’s Standards of Conduct and Behavior Policy for engaging in conduct that is detrimental to the College and which adversely affects students, employees, and/or visitors. Violations of this policy constitute misconduct and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment in accordance with the Corrective Action Procedure in the Human Resources Procedures Manual.