Coming to Campus

Each and every day we welcome students, employees, and visitors to our beautiful campus. But before you arrive, there are a few things you might need to know.

Harford Community College is a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment. The use of any type of tobacco product, smoking device or equipment, or any item that simulates smoking is prohibited in all buildings and areas of the campus and off-campus sites supervised by the College.

Bicycling and bicycle commuting are encouraged, although riding on the sidewalks, walkways, and in the Quad area is not allowed. Bicycle racks are available at the main entrances of Fallston Hall, Joppa Hall, and the Student Center, on the north side of Chesapeake Center, and at the rear entrance of the Library.

Skating, skateboarding, and hoverboards are prohibited on all campus properties.


Driving To and On Campus

From South of Campus (Baltimore/Washington)
Take Interstate 95-North to Exit 80 Churchville (Route 543). Turn left at end of ramp onto Rt. 543.
Travel North toward Churchville for approximately 6 miles to the traffic light at the intersection of Route 543 and Route 22.
Turn right on Route 22. Take Rt. 22 to the light at Thomas Run Road.
Turn left on Thomas Run Road.
The College campus is on the right.

From North of Campus (Elkton/Wilmington/New York)
Take Interstate 95 South to Exit 85 Aberdeen (Highway 22 West).
Travel Route 22 West to the light at Thomas Run Road.
Turn right onto Thomas Run Road.
The College campus is on the right.

There are more than 2,100 open and shared spaces available on Harford's campus. High traffic can be expected 8 –2:30 PM and 6–7:30 PM. During these times it is best to allow at least 30 minutes for locating a parking space and walking to classrooms.

To avoid congestion, parking in the T, J North, or W lot and walking to the desired location is suggested.

Designated motorcycle parking can be found in lots A, C, F, and J. The enlarged spaces are designed to be shared by two or more motorcycles.

Visitors and Students may park in Open Lots: A, F, T, W

Visitors, Students and Employees may park in Shared Lots: B, C, E, J, L

Parking is prohibited:

• In employee or permit-required spaces or lot without a valid permit

• By any curbing painted red

• Where signs prohibit parking

• In roadways or on grass

• In any areas not designated by parallel lines

• For longer than 15 minutes in loading zones

• In any other area designated by the Department of Public Safety

To appeal a traffic violation citation you must be submit an Appeal of Traffic Violation Form within 120 days of the violation. Fines that have been paid may still be appealed within 120 days of the violation. If a fine is waived by the Traffic Appeals Committee, the violator will receive a refund for the fine paid. Appeal forms are also available at the Welcome Center or the Department of Public Safety. Completed forms must be returned to the Welcome Center, Harford Community College, 401 Thomas Run Road, Bel Air, MD 21015. All decisions made by the Traffic Appeals Committee are final.

State law allows for towing of vehicles from fire lanes without warning or notification. Fire lanes are clearly marked, and this law will be strictly enforced for the safety of the community.

The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 MPH. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.

The Department of Public Safety issues citations for traffic and parking violations. High-speed driving, reckless driving, and failure to yield to pedestrians may result in revocation of operating privileges on campus in addition to a fine of up to $150.