Paralegal Studies

With skills in research and writing, as well as a general interest in law, paralegals are in high demand in fast growing regions such as Harford County.

Harford Community College offers opportunities to earn an Associate in Science degree in Paralegal Studies or enhance an existing degree with a 35-credit Paralegal certificate.

The Program

Harford's Paralegal program is one of only four colleges in the state that is approved by the American Bar Association. Working closely with the Harford County Bar Association, students have access to well-respected internship opportunities, guest speakers from local law firms, networking events, and field trips to Washington, DC and the Supreme Court. The program is a member if the National Association of Legal Assistants and prepares students to assist attorneys and other legal professionals in their daily tasks. On campus, students are active in Lambda Epsilon Chi honor society and the Paralegal Student Association.

Faculty includes seasoned paralegals and attorneys whose experiences span both civil and criminal law at the county, state and federal levels. Classes are offered in the day and evening and are generally small in size. The program offers a direct entry to work and is expected to see double-digit growth for the next decade.

Employment Opportunities

Although a majority of paralegals work in law firms, they also find employment in legal departments of banks, corporations and government agencies. Work is usually full-time and professional in nature.

Currently, the demand for paralegals is growing on the national, state and local levels. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a much faster than average rate of growth for paralegal employment through 2018.


AnnMarie Profili, B.S., J.D.
Program Coordinator, Paralegal Studies