Strategies for Success

1. Set goals for the semester

2. Manage your time effectively

  • Use your course syllabus to plan projects and assignments

  • Use a planner and make a daily to-do list. Time Schedule Grid

3. Determine the best learning strategies for you. Learning Style Inventory

4. Follow the Study Cycle:

  • Preview upcoming textbook chapters before class

  • Attend class and take meaningful notes

  • Review notes immediately after class

  • Plan 3-5 short study sessions per day

  • Assess. Ask yourself, “Can I explain this to someone else?”

5. Read & Think Critically. Use Bloom's TaxonomyMetacognitive Awareness Inventory

6. Stay in touch with your instructors

7. Ask for help early and often

8. Meet with the Student Success Specialist to develop a success plan


Visit the Tutoring Center for Additional Study Tips