Reverse Transfer

Get the “degree you deserve” by finishing your associate degree while completing your bachelor's degree!

Harford Community College has embarked on the “Reverse Transfer” journey in response to President Obama’s goal to increase the number of Americans with postsecondary degrees from 40% to 60% by the year 2020.

What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer is a process where academic credits for course work completed at a 4-year institution are transferred back to Harford Community College to satisfy associate degree requirements. Reverse Transfer allows students to finish their associate degree while working toward completion of their bachelor’s degree. Some students transfer into 4-year institutions before completing an associate degree at a community college, with a percentage of this group gaining a bachelor's degree eventually through a combination of credits from both institutions. Through Reverse Transfer, a student’s achievements are recognized with an associate degree after they have transferred to a 4-year institution and have accumulated the credits needed to fulfill the associate degree program requirements. It’s value added to your education! What are the benefits of completing an associate degree?

Why should I do it?

The associate degree is a marketable credential for your résumé and an important milestone in your education. Employers value the associate degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals. The associate degree can make a difference in your long-term success: 

  • It can provide better job opportunities while completing your bachelor’s degree.
  • It’s the nation’s fastest growing work credential; employers recognize its value when recruiting and hiring.
  • Students who earn an associate degree are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • There is no risk to you – even though you are applying the hours you have earned at your 4-year institution toward an associate degree at HCC, your hours earned at your 4-year institution will still apply appropriately toward your undergraduate degree.
  • Some students can get discouraged after they transfer to a 4-year institution and see more years ahead of them. If they are awarded their associate degree while completing their bachelor’s degree, the accomplishment of this helps them stay motivated and on track to a 4-year degree.
  • Statistics from recent work in this area show retention rates improve by 10% for those students who receive an associate degree through reverse transfer once they are at a 4-year institution.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for reverse transfer?

You are eligible to apply if you have completed at least 15 credits from Harford Community College AND a total of at least 60 credit hours combined from your HCC credits and your 4-year institution.

Once all materials are received, the application will be reviewed for the next conferral period.

What steps do I take to begin the process?

  1. Complete a reverse transfer graduation application.
  2. Request your official transcript from your 4-year institution be sent to HCC.
  3. Towson University Students:

    • Log onto Towson Online Services
    • Go to Self Services, then to Student Center
    • Select from the drop down: “Other Academics”
    • Select Transcript: Request Official
    • Select Electronic Course Feed
    • Enter Harford’s school code 002075
    • Submit 

    All other 4-year institutions

    • Log onto your student online portal
    • Request an official transcript be sent to:

      Harford Community College
      Registration & Records (RTR)
      401 Thomas Run Rd
      Bel Air, MD 21015
    • Submit

Note: Once everything is received in Registration and Records you will be informed by mail if you meet or do not meet the degree requirements. If you are awarded a degree, you will be given information about attending commencement and how to get your diploma.

Am I guaranteed a degree from Harford Community College?

No. Sending your transcript to Harford Community College does not guarantee the granting of a degree. The courses you take at your 4-year institution will be evaluated by Harford Community College. HCC will determine the conferral of an associate degree.

How much does reverse transfer cost?

There may be a few costs associated with reverse transfer. HCC does not charge you for the reverse transfer process. Your transfer institution may charge you a transcript request fee. You also may require additional courses to complete your associate degree plan.

Which associate degree am I eligible for?

If you're unsure which degree you are seeking or are eligible to earn through reverse transfer, meet with an academic advisor to discuss your options. Students are first evaluated for General Studies, unless their completed courses direct them in another direction (Business Administration, Psychology, etc).

Can I take the required courses at my 4-year institution, or must I return to HCC?

You do not have to return to HCC to complete courses if you can take them at your 4-year transfer institution. Meet with an HCC academic advisor to make sure the courses taken are transferable and applicable to your associate degree.

Do I need to be currently enrolled at HCC or a 4-year institution?

No. Meet with an HCC academic advisor to determine which courses you still need to finish your associate degree.

Can I participate in HCC’s commencement ceremony after earning my degree?

Yes. Once you have completed a reverse transfer graduation application and met all the degree requirements, you will receive notification about commencement. Note: a commencement ceremony is only held in May, but students have the opportunity to confer a degree in December, May and August.

I already completed my associate and/or bachelor's degree after transferring from HCC. Can I still reverse transfer?

No. Only students who have not already received a bachelor’s degree are eligible for reverse transfer.

Am I guaranteed an associate degree if my university major is the same as the degree offered by HCC?

No. You will be awarded your associate degree from HCC if your combined credits satisfy your degree requirements, and you meet all graduation requirements. Through reverse transfer, each associate degree is subject to the available degrees offered by the college as well as HCC residency requirements.

Who can I contact and where do I get more information on reverse transfer?


Harford Community College wants to help you achieve the DEGREE YOU DESERVE!

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