Testing Accommodations

Harford Community College provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. In order to receive reasonable accommodations, please follow the guidelines below:

For HCC Students:

• Contact the Disability and Support Services for guidance on how to obtain accommodation memos.
• If approved for the accommodation, discuss the accommodation memo with your instructor and coordinate with your instructor the dates and exams you will take at the Test Center.
• If you have been approved for any of the following accommodations: reader, scribe, use of Kurzweil and use of private testing room, you must contact the Test Center at 443-412-2352 or stop by the Test Center to schedule the use of the private testing room for your exam day.

For non-HCC Students with home institution:
• The test-taker must provide the HCC Test Center a letter from the Disability Services Office from the home institution within two weeks of the intended test date. The letter must indicate that the student qualifies to receive accommodations and must list the accommodations needed. The letter must be on letterhead and signed by a qualified representative from the Disability Services Office. The letter may be sent via fax (443-412-2397), email (testcent@harford.edu) or mail at Harford Community College, 401 Thomas Run Road, Bel Air, Maryland, 21015.
• Contact the Test Center a week before the intended test-date to confirm accommodations and schedule a testing date.

For non-HCC Students with no home institution:
• Please secure current documentation of disability from a qualified professional.
• Contact the office of Disability and Support Services at 443-412-2402 to submit the current documentation and schedule an appointment for orientation.
• Allow two weeks to process the request and obtain an accommodation memo.
• Once accommodation memo is obtained, contact the Test Center to schedule an appointment for testing.