Accuplacer Test Preparation


Preparing for Accuplacer Placement Test

Harford Community College uses the ACCUPLACER tests to evaluate students' readiness for specific courses. The typical test consists of Reading, Writing, and Math. To prepare for the Academic Skills Assessment, you may look at several sources:

  • The CollegeBoard has developed a site to help students prepare for the ACCUPLACER™ test.
  • ACCUPLACER has the Official ACCUPLACER Study App, accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone for FREE. Students can now try hundreds of sample ACCUPLACER test questions to build their skills and experience what a real test may be like.
  • ACCUPLACER has the Official ACCUPLACER iPhone App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Students can brush up on their skills and become familiar with the style and content of questions asked on an ACCUPLACER test.
  • Helpful sites: (This site is a general math review site and not specifically designed to prepare students for college placement tests)
  • Commercially available SAT preparation guides
  • Harford Community College uses the Next-Generation Accuplacer tests. To prepare for the tests, Accuplacer official study app: can be accessed in any web browsers and mobile devices. Choose the Next-Generation Practice Tests.