Biology for Allied Health Assessment

Biology for Allied Health Assessment Information:

Students have the option of testing out of BIO 119. You may take the test online at a quiet location and at your own convenient time or you may take it at the Test Center during their hours of operation. The test is available in Blackboard and will use Honorlock, an online proctoring solution.

The test is a 100 question multiple choice test. You can use any basic chemistry or biology text to prepare for the exam. Click here to view the course outline.

If a 70% is earned on the test you may register for BIO 203 – Anatomy and Physiology. You will be able to re-take the exam (maximum number of attempts is two).

Remember - audio CDs from CHEM 10 (Prep Chem) are available in the library.

You can take this biochemistry practice exam (this does not cover all the chemistry portion of the BIO 119 test) but will give you an idea of how much biochemistry you know. Review the answers to the practice test.

How to Access the Biology for Allied Health Assessment?

  1. Review the Instructions on How to Access BIO Allied Health Assessment.
  2. Find a quiet location. If you are taking it at a quiet location other than the Test Center, you will need a desktop or laptop. Cellphones, tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices are not allowed. Make sure that your internet connection is stable.
  3.  Log into using Google Chrome. You will need to download the Honorlock Chrome extension. For more information about Honorlock, visit the Student Support tab, then Honorlock Resources in Blackboard .
  4. Click Biology for Allied Health Assessment Exam and follow the instructions. This is a CLOSED note exam. You are ALLOWED to use a periodic table, conversion chart, and a calculator. Please use these links to access a periodic table and conversion chart. Using a textbook or other resources not listed is NOT ALLOWED.
  5. After testing, you will receive a notification from the Test Center via your HCC owlmail regarding the result of your test within 2-3 days of testing. You are given maximum of two attempts to receive 70% score. Please contact your advisor if you need help registering for BIO 203 class.

Email if you have any questions. Best wishes on your test!