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Placement Testing

The College uses the ACCUPLACER tests to evaluate new students’ course placement based on Reading, Writing, and Math. The tests are available on campus at the Test Center as well as in a remote, online format.

Take the Accuplacer Remotely

  • Fill out the Online Accuplacer Form
  • Receive a phone call from the Test Center (based on your availability indicated on the form above) to set an appointment time and date.
  • Have access to MS Teams desktop app, computer with audio and video capability, and internet.

Take the Accuplacer On Campus

Blackboard placement tests require no appointment and can be taken online.

Alternatives to Accuplacer

Blackboard placement tests require no appointment and can be taken online. There are two tests available. The English Readiness Test has two sections, Writing and Reading. Scores are available in 2-3 days after testing. The Alternate for Math Accuplacer has two levels you must complete. You begin on Level 2. If you score 60 or higher, you move on to complete Level 3. If you score less than 60 you should then complete Level 1. Test scores are available upon completion of the test.

To test on Blackboard you will need:

NOTE: Blackboard testing can only be taken ONCE, so if you don’t get your preferred scores, you must still take the Accuplacer.

Advanced Math Readiness Test (formerly Calculus Readiness Test)

This test is for students who have Pre-Calculus or above and need placement for MATH 109, MATH 203, and MATH 212. For more information, contact sking@harford.edu.

Biology for Allied Health Assessment

This test is for students who need to test out of BIO 119.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment is a means of obtaining college credits for knowledge gained on the job or through individual study.

Harford students can earn up to 45 credits by examination and are encouraged meet with an academic advisor to determine how prior learning assessments may fit into their program of study.


  • Create an account and/or login to http://clep.collegeboard.org.
  • Register for an exam and receive a registration ticket.
  • Submit a CLEP Appointment Request.
  • Bring the following items to the test: valid government issued photo ID, CLEP registration ticket.
  • If taking a CLEP exam for College Composition, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, American Literature, or English Literature, determine if your college requires the optional essay. If so, you will pay an additional $10 fee after completing and passing the objective portion of the test. The essay portion will then be ordered and you will complete it at a later date.
  • Review the Test Center Guidelines prior to coming to campus.

Harford Community College faculty create division examinations for specific courses. The exams are available for a fee, although most require prior approval.

This test is unavailable in our Test Center
during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Harford Community College Test Center supports student success and achievement by creating a stress-free, positive, and secure testing environment for students, faculty and community members. We adhere to the professional standards and guidelines set by the National College Testing Association and bound by the privacy restrictions set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Students with qualifying scores on SAT, ACT, PARCC, Accuplacer, GED, AP or IB testsor who have a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 (unweighted) may be exempt from testing. Consult your advisor if you have questions.


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Harford Accuplacer Cut Scores
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For a complete list of exams and respective scores that will count toward academic credit, see our Credit by Examination table

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