Veterans Club

The Veterans Club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) that was formed to serve HCC student veterans, HCC military students, and military spouses and children enrolled at HCC by promoting the needs and interests of veterans and their families.

Meetings, guest speakers, trips and other activities provide a place to meet both formally and socially in an environment of mutual support to those who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. Anyone interested in participating in the Veterans Club can contact club adviser the Military and Veteran Services Office at 443-412-2100 or the Office of Student Activities at 443-412-2140.

Our Mission:

  • To inform and help members access the academic and financial benefits available to them.
  • Provide a forum for students to discuss their foremost concerns regarding academic growth.
  • To ensure members are receiving their medical benefits
  • To help members in job placement when they are ready to join the workforce

Membership is open to:

  • All active duty personnel
  • All Reserve & National Guard personnel
  • All Veterans
  • All military dependents
  • All Harford students with a desire to support Harford Military connected students.