Military and Veteran Educational Benefits and Waivers

All students applying for military and veteran educational benefits and waivers must first apply for admission to Harford Community College and submit official military and college transcripts to the Registration and Records office.

Military transcripts may be requested from the following:

In order for educational benefit claims to be processed students must:

Military Personnel and Dependents - Residency

Military personnel and their dependents stationed at a military installation in Harford County are considered Harford County residents. Military personnel and their dependents stationed at a military installation elsewhere in Maryland are considered residents of Maryland.

Students must submit a copy of their orders to the Military and Veteran Services Office. 

Waivers and Tuition Assistance Programs For Military Students

MD National Guard Tuition Waiver

Members of the Maryland National Guard are designated as "in state" and "in county" for residency purposes and are entitled to a waiver of 50 percent of credit "in county" tuition. Additionally, all fees for classes taken at Maryland National Guard sites are waived. Student and class fees will be charged for classes taken at non-Maryland National Guard locations. Eligible students must provide a letter from the Maryland Adjutant General certifying that the member of the Maryland National Guard has at least 24 months remaining to serve or has agreed, in writing, to serve for a minimum of 24 months. Forms must be submitted to the Military and Veterans Services Office.

MD Air National Guard

Members of the Army Air Guard can receive half off of their tuition cost by:

  • Requesting a tuition waiver from (410) 918-6478/ 6479
  • Taking the signed letter along with military ID to the cashier at HCC. Waiver letters must be submitted every semester
  • Paying the balance of tuition and fees due.
    Reimbursement for this expense can be applied for by contacting the State Tuition Assistance Reimbursement (STAR) program located on the Maryland National Guard site after completing course with a passing grade.

Army Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance (TA) provides financial support for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a soldier's professional and personal self-development goals. Courses that can be approved for TA must be offered by colleges that are registered in GoArmyEd and are accredited by agencies that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. HCC fulfills both of these requirements.

TA covers tuition and course-related fees only. All requests from active-duty, USAR, and ARNG soldiers for TA must be requested and processed through GoArmyEd.

What is GoArmyEd?

GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway for Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance. Students who are planning to use TA must:

  1. Register for classes through HCCs Registration and Records office
  2. Register for TA through GoArmyEd to provide the necessary funding to pay for the course

Army National Guard Tuition Assistance and Waiver

Members of the Army National Guard should complete the following in order to waive half of the in-county tuition rate. This does not include student and course fees.

  • Print State Tuition Waiver letter from the Maryland National Guard site and have it signed by the commanding officer. Take the signed letter along with military ID to the cashier at HCC or to the Military and Veteran Services office.
  • Waiver letters must be submitted every semester.
  • To request tuition assistance, go to GoArmyEd no more than eight weeks prior to the start of class.

Army Reserve Tuition Assistance

Members of the Army Reserve should register through GoArmyEd and HCC Registration and Records office in order to receive tuition assistance. Both of these processes must be completed to receive tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance must be requested through GoArmyEd.

Air Force Tuition Assistance

Apply for tuition assistance online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center. This must be done through the Air Force Portal. There are six steps to completing the AFVEC online TA process.

TA is not authorized for courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree.


Spouses of servicemembers on active duty in pay grades:

  • E-1 to E-5
  • W-1 to W-2
  • O-1 to O-2

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program was created to help military spouses pursue license, certificates, certifications or associate degrees (must have a concentration) required for employment in high demand, high growth portable career fields and occupations. 

Apply for Benefits

  • Visit MyCAA benefits (spouses profile information is required)
  • Submit a copy of the Approval Letter and Authorization Form after they are received from MyCAA to the Military and Veteran Services office.

Additional information can be acquired by speaking with a MyCAA career and education consultant at (800) 342-9647.

Harford Waiver for Dependents of Guard Members Called to Active Duty

Eligibility is limited to dependents of a member of the Maryland National Guard or Maryland Air Guard when a Guard member is called to active duty for a minimum period of six continuous months of service.

Active-duty status is determined by the date the Guard member is ordered to report for active duty – not the date the order was prepared. If the report date is on or before the start of the fall or spring semester or the first summer session, and the activation is for a minimum of six months of continuous service, the waiver will be granted for that semester or the entire summer session. If the activation occurs within the period of the fall or spring semester or the entire summer session, the waiver will be granted for the following semester or the summer session, provided the Guard member is still on active duty and the student provides required documentation.

To receive the waiver, students must submit a copy of their orders to active duty and show their military identification to the cashiers or the Military and Veteran Services Office. Students must provide waiver documentation for each semester the waiver is being requested.