Potential Outcomes of Reporting

Every situation is different and the actions taken by our professional staff are reflective of each unique situation. 

What Can Happen if I Choose to File a Report?

The SIP team may:

  • Recommend no action, pending further observation
  • Assist faculty or staff in developing a plan of action
  • Refer student to campus support services and resources
  • Refer student to appropriate community resources
  • Mandate student for a medical and/or psychological assessment
  • Take action consistent with College policies and procedures

Goals of the SIP team:

  • Act in a proactive manner to assist students
  • Provide consultation and support to faculty and staff
  • Connect students with needed campus and community resources
  • Recommend interventions and/or sanctions
  • Assess the situation to determine level of threat to self or others

The SIP team does not replace faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes of the College, College Public Safety responses to incidents, or licensed psychological services. Additionally, the SIP teams works within all current College policies and follows threat-assessment protocols.

Report Form for Concerning Behavior

Communicate with the SIP team and make them aware of any concerns or suspicions you may have about a particular student's behavior. There is no penalty for reporting. In fact, the SIP team wants to hear about behavior that causes anyone worry or concern.