Frequently Asked Questions

Who may submit a report for concerning behavior?

Faculty, staff, or students should report a concern about a student.  Please use the Report Form for Concerning Behavior.

What if I am not sure if I should report the concern?

In general, any behavior that causes concern for a student's well being should be reported.  There are other situations that may not be so apparent but give you reason to pause and question what to do.  There is no harm in reporting your observations.  Your role is to alert us to potential situations that you observe in your daily interactions with students.  Reviewing the List of Concerning Behaviors may be of help, but please do not hesitate to report concerns.  Remember, your report is one piece of the bigger picture since all information is centralized in one database providing us with a more holistic picture of the student.  Any report can be of assistance to the SIP Team providing assistance to a student who may be in need.

What will happen to the person who I submit a report about?

Most importantly, the person you are concerned about will receive assistance if you share your concern.  Although the outcome or action will depend upon the situation, the SIP Team will intervene to balance the needs of the individual with the safety of the community.

How will I know the situation has been addressed?

The SIP Team will review every report that has been submitted.  The team will discuss the behaviors of concern and create an action plan to assist the individual, if needed.  Some cases will require no further action, and some cases will be referred to a specific office on campus for monitoring or provision of services.  The SIP Team will contact you if further information is needed; since confidentiality is important we may not always be able to share with you details of the resolution.  If you continue to have concerns about the situation, please contact 443-412-2132. 

Can I submit anonymously?

You may make an anonymous report, however; we encourage you to identify yourself because this may assist the SIP Team if clarification or additional information is needed. 

Will the student know that I am the person who reported him/her to the SIP Team?

In most cases, except concerns about your safety or the safety of others, we would assume you have attempted to address your concerns with the student.  The SIP Team will handle all matters discreetly.  However, a reported student will be given specific information about the behaviors/actions that occurred so they can respond to the reported concern.  As such, it is possible that a student may know who made the report through the information described to them.

Who can access a report?

All reports are managed by the Associate Vice President for Student Development and reviewed by SIP Team members when appropriate.  All information regarding a student is kept in accordance with relevant state and federal laws.