Student Intervention and Prevention (SIP)

Out of an abundance of caution, Harford Community College has made the decision to proceed in an online-only learning and working environment through at least May 16, 2020 while the physical campus remains closed. We will continue to be available via email for any questions or concerns,

During this time all student intervention and prevention meetings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. If you have a scheduled meeting you will receive instructions from our office on how to connect through Microsoft Teams.

As members of the campus community, we all have a shared ethical responsibility to report concerning or threatening behaviors we experience or observe while at HCC.

What is SIP?

The SIP Team at Harford Community College is committed to promoting the safety, health, and well being of our campus community by providing education, prevention, and intervention services for students.  By providing a systematic response to students who demonstrate behavior that is distressing, disturbing, or disruptive to themselves or others the SIP Team strives to improve the overall quality of life on campus and to ensure high quality educational experiences, by connecting students to needed resources and recommending interventions or sanctions to address student issues.

While interacting with students at the College, employees and students may be confronted with students who may be displaying concerning or threatening behavior.  Concerning behaviors include emotional stress, unusual behavior, abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs, threats of suicide or homicide, disturbing written material, and other troubling behaviors.  Concerning behaviors might be observed in a number of settings, such as, in the classroom, at a service location or office, or during participation in an extracurricular activity.  By reporting behaviors that are concerning, the SIP Team will be able to reach out to students to intervene, provide support, and connect them with resources that can assist them before there is a crisis.

Goals of the Intervention:

  • Act in a proactive manner to assist students
  • Provide consultation and support to faculty and staff
  • Connect students with needed campus and community resources
  • Recommend interventions and/or sanctions
  • Assess the situation to determine level of threat to self or others

Emergency Situations

Call 911 and the Department of Public Safety, 443-412-2272, if the physical safety of a student, yourself, or others is of immediate concern.


Report Form for Concerning Behavior

Communicate with the SIP team and make them aware of any concerns or suspicions you may have about a particular individual's behavior. There is no penalty for reporting. In fact, the SIP team wants to hear about behavior that causes anyone worry or concern.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Nicole Hoke Wilson
Disability and Student Intervention