Student Leadership Development

Project LEaD: Leadership Engagement and Development

Participate in Project LEaD to:

  • Gain leverage for your job search and/or transfer application
  • Develop self confidence
  • Help build a stronger community
  • Meet other student leaders.

To meet the challenge you have to LEARN, LEAD, and SERVE your community.

LEARN credits (4) are earned by attending workshops offered on campus each fall and spring semester or through “on-your-own options.” 

LEAD credits (2) are earned by demonstrating involvement in one campus club, committee, or organization (including athletics) and by attending at least two Student Government Association meetings.

SERVE credits (2) are earned through participation in two activities designated by the Office of Student Activities as community involvement activities, or by attending a service trip offered each semester. (Application and deposit required) An additional option for earning service credits is to provide documentation of at least eight hours of on-your-own community service.


Eric Jackson 
Student Leadership and Orientation Specialist
Office of Student Activities

2014-2015 Project LEaD Program schedule - coming soon

Description of options for earning "Learn Credits"

Enroll in Project LEaD 

To complete the certificate, all credits must be attained by May 1, 2015