Use of Facilities

A valid Harford Community College I.D. card must be swiped through the electronic scanner upon entry into the Fitness Center. NO EXCEPTIONS.  The attempted use of another person’s HCC identification card is considered a student code violation.


Headphones are required for all portable electronic devices.
Cell phones cannot be used to place and/or receive calls; texting is discouraged.
Devices that capture and/or record images are strictly prohibited.
Professional behavior is expected at all times. 

Sandals, spiked shoes, or open-toed shoes are strictly prohibited inside the Fitness Center. 
Attire deemed disruptive to the Fitness Center environment is prohibited.  Shirts are required. 


spraybottleEquipment must be cleaned after usage. Squirt bottles for disinfection are located throughout the Fitness Center.  Water or sports drinks in a sealed container are permitted. Food is not permitted in the Fitness Center. Trash must be properly disposed of in receptacles located throughout the fitness center.

The College classifies the Fitness Center an "Instructional Setting".

Per the 2013-2014 Credit Catalog, Code for Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, Section V Prohibited Conduct, Article K:

  • Attending an instructional session without properly registering or without the express permission of the Instructor, or bringing unregistered visitors, including children, to an instructional setting" is considered a type of misconduct subject to disciplinary action.