Transfer Credit FAQ

How do I have a transcript evaluation completed?

  • Apply to Harford Community College
  • Declare a Program of Study
  • Students who have earned an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree will not be evaluated for General Studies
  • Submit official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate institutions

What do you mean by official transcripts?

A transcript is considered official only if it is received by Harford Community College in the issuing institution’s sealed envelope within one year of the print date. It can be hand-delivered by you, the student, as long as you have not opened the envelope. You should contact each institution you attended for information on how to request your official transcript to be sent to Harford Community College.

Is there a point when my official transcript is considered too old?

Yes. College policy states that an official transcript must have been printed by the issuing institution and submitted to Harford Community College within 12 months. If you’ve been holding on to a sealed transcript for longer than 12 months, you’ll need to request a new one.

Where should I have my official transcripts mailed?

Official transcripts mailed directly from the issuing institution should be sent to:

Registration & Records
Harford Community College
401 Thomas Run Rd
Bel Air, MD 21015 

Do you accept electronic transcripts?

Electronic transcripts can be received by the Harford through the USM Electronic Transcript System if your previous institution is a registered participant. If your previous college uses other secure electronic transcript reporting systems such as ScriptSafe or Docufide, transcripts may be received at transcripts@harford.edu.

Do you need transcripts from all the schools I’ve attended?

Yes! Harford Community College cannot accept transfer credit for coursework evaluated by another institution. In order for transfer credit to be evaluated and accepted by Harford you must submit all prior undergraduate transcripts.  

I have attended school outside the United States. Can I earn transfer credit?

Yes. However, Harford Community College does not evaluate documents issued directly from an out-of-county school. Those documents must be evaluated and translated by a credential evaluation service. Harford Community College requires a course-by-course evaluation and accepts official transcript evaluations from any NACES approved agency or AACRAO. If you plan to transfer please check with your transfer institution as many Maryland colleges and universities only accept credit from World Education Service or AACRAO.

Is there a point when my previous coursework is considered too old?

No. Previously completed coursework does not expire. However, you may be required to submit course descriptions and/or syllabi in effect at your previous institution at the time you completed the work. You will be notified by the Transcript Evaluator if this is required.  

How long does it take to have an evaluation completed of my previous transcripts?

Evaluations are normally completed within three (3) weeks of receipt of your official college transcripts for active Harford Community College students with a declared program of study. Some courses may require a Dean’s review and may take longer.

You will be notified of a completed evaluation through your OwlMail. Transcripts are evaluated as they are received so you may receive multiple notifications if you have sent more than one transcript and they were received on different dates. You should plan to meet with an academic advisor to review your evaluation and create a formal plan towards completion of your program.

I previously earned an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and want to take courses without seeking a degree or certificate at Harford Community College.  What should I submit?

You should apply to Harford Community College as “Undeclared – Only taking courses”. You do not need to declare a program of study. You will need to submit proof of your earned degree to Registration & Records. We will code you as a college graduate so you will be free to enroll in courses without proving pre-requisites were previously met (paralegal courses excluded). If you decide to seek an additional degree or earn a certificate from Harford Community College at a later date you will need to declare a program of study and submit official transcripts to Registration & Records for an evaluation. We do not complete transcript evaluations for college graduates declared General Studies.

Will you accept all my previously earned credits?

Harford’s transfer credit policy is to accept only courses that directly apply to your declared program of study. We may grant transfer credit for up to a maximum of 47 semester credits. A student is required to complete at least fifteen (15) credit hours in residency at Harford Community College in order to graduate with an Associates degree. A certificate seeking student is required to complete twenty-five (25) percent of the certificate in residency at Harford Community College.

Will I need to submit course descriptions/syllabi?

The Transcript Evaluator may require a student to submit copies of course and/or General Education requirements from the appropriate catalog. The student must submit the requested information if they wish to have the course/s reviewed. Final decisions regarding transfer credit are made by the appropriate Academic Dean.

Does my previous GPA transfer?

Transfer credit is not calculated into your Harford Community College GPA. If you are applying to the Nursing program your transfer grades will be used for computing an overall nursing GPA for nursing admission purposes only.

Do you require a minimum grade for transfer courses to be accepted?

All applicable general education courses earned from a Maryland public institution are acceptable for credit with an earned grade of “D” or higher.  Courses for non-general education credit applicable to the student’s program will be transferred in as long as the calculated cumulative grade point average of the block of courses is 2.0 or higher. Please note that some Harford Community College programs of study require a grade of “C” or better in some courses. These are noted in the “Programs of Instruction” section of the college catalog.  If you have multiple repeats of a course the most recent course, regardless of the grade, is reviewed.  A higher grade will not be accepted if it is the higher grade. 

Do you accept credit earned at a college on the quarter system?

Harford Community College will convert courses taken at institutions that operate on a quarter system to semester credit if the credit is transferable. Quarter hours are multiplied by 2/3 (0.667) to equal semester term credit hours. We do not round up. General Education courses must convert to a minimum of 3 semester credits to be transferable.

Do you accept developmental or transitional courses?

No.  Harford Community College does not accept developmental or transitional courses.  When you meet with an academic advisor you may provide them with proof of completion of these types of courses.  The advisor may use them for placement in the appropriate Harford Community College courses.

Do you accept non-traditional credit (i.e. AP, CLEP, IB, DANTES, ACE).

Yes. We must receive an official score report sent to Registration & Records. Up to a maximum combination of 45 non-traditional credits may be awarded once you successfully complete one three (3) credit course at Harford Community College. Credit is awarded based upon your declared program of study.

Do you accept military credit?

Yes. For more information visit “Credit for Military Training”.

How do I receive credit for courses I completed in high school?

The College currently has an articulation agreement with Harford County Public Schools called Early College Access.  

Do you accept course work completed at the Master’s level?

No. Harford Community College is an undergraduate institution and as such, cannot accept any coursework completed in a program leading to a Master’s degree.

How do I register for classes at Harford Community College if my transfer evaluation hasn’t been completed?

Meet with an academic advisor in the Student Center. Unofficial, student copies of your previous course work can to be used to create a schedule and determine any exemptions for the required Harford Community College academic skills assessment testing. You should not register for any courses or General Education for which you think you may receive transfer credit. Once your evaluation is completed you should meet with an advisor to review.

Can I transfer a diversity course taken at my previous college? 

The College recognizes diversity courses completed at other institutions as long as they also satisfy a Behavioral/Social Science, Arts/Humanities, or Interdisciplinary or Emerging Issues general education requirement at the sending institution.

Do you accept nursing courses I’ve completed at another college?

No.  Harford Community College does not accept Nursing credits in transfer.  You may contact Nursing department directly if you have questions regarding previously completed nursing courses.

I received transfer credit for an equivalent Harford Community College course then retook it at Harford Community College.  What happens?

If you received transfer credit for a Harford Community College equivalent course and then repeated the same course at Harford Community College for credit, the transfer course will be excluded from your transfer record and the Harford Community College course grade becomes permanent.  It does not matter if the transfer grade was higher. 

I am a current Harford Community College student.  Can I take a course at another school?

If you plan to take a course at another school after enrolling at Harford Community College you should have the course reviewed in advance by an academic advisor. This can assure that the course taken meets your program or General Education requirements at Harford Community College.  You cannot receive transfer credit if you have already passed the equivalent Harford Community College course.  

I took a class at Harford and then repeated it at another school. Can I transfer the new grade?

If you failed a course at Harford Community College and then earned credit at another institution for the same course you may use the transferred credit to satisfy the credit requirement for that particular course.  In such cases the F grade will remain on your permanent record, but will be marked with the notation TF (repeated in transfer) and will no longer affect your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).  Students must submit an official transcript to the Registration and Records Office.

If you receive a passing grade (D or better) in a course at Harford Community College you cannot transfer the same course to Harford Community College to satisfy the credit requirement for that particular course.  The credit will not be accepted and will not appear on your permanent record.

I’m interested in the nursing program.  Now what?

The nursing program is a selective admission program and requires a separate application in addition to the regular Harford Community College enrollment application.  You must read and follow the nursing application requirements listed on the current application.  We strongly recommend if you are seeking a nursing degree at Harford Community College you meet with an academic advisor. 

I thought I had my transcripts sent months ago to Harford Community College but I haven’t heard anything?

Give us a call (443) 412-2309.  We’ll be happy to check.  

I’ve changed my program of study.  Will you re-evaluate my transcripts?

Yes.  As soon as you have submitted the “Change in Academic Intent” form you should also submit the “Request for Transcript Re-Evaluation” form.  Both are available through OwlNet.  Re-evaluation requests may take up to three weeks to review and you will be notified through OwlMail once complete.  You should plan to meet with your academic advisor to review any changes or acceptance of additional credit.

I’ve received my evaluation of transfer credit.  Now what should I do?

Transfer students pursuing an Associate’s degree or certificate are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the Student Center prior to registering for credit courses.  The advisors can review your accepted transfer courses and help you create a plan for completing your program of study at Harford Community College.