Payment Schedule

An Ebill notification will be emailed to your OwlMail address explaining how to view and/or print your Ebill.  It is your responsibility to monitor your HCC OwlMail account.  Please refer to the chart below for applicable bill dates.

If you register for a course and do not pay by the due date, your registration will be canceled.  Non-attendance does not constitute a refund or removal of the debt to the College.

Fall 2015 Payment Schedule

Date of Registration Payment Deadline
March 30 - June 2, 2015
An EBILL will be sent to your HCC email address.  Payment is due by June 10th.  Your classes will be canceled if payment is not received by June 10, 2015.
June 3 - June 9, 2015
You will not be billed, but payment is due June 10th.  Your classes will be canceled if payment is not received by June 10, 2015. 
Beginning June 10, 2015
Payment is due when you register. Your classes will be canceled if payment is not received.