Paying for College

Payment is that all-important step that finalizes each credit student’s enrollment at Harford Community College.

Sliding a student ID through a card readerCredit students must pay their bill in full by the payment deadline. Otherwise, credit students are dropped from all of their courses for non-payment. Harford Community College is committed to helping students prepare for the cost of their education by providing a variety of payment methods.

Tuition and fees are subject to adjustment by the College's Board of Trustees based on the costs to operate the College and funding provided by the State and the County.

Pay for College at HCC

A thorough understanding of when to pay, ways to pay, where to pay and what to pay, along with proper planning, ensures that students can take advantage of a successful beginning to their semester at HCC.

Tuition and Fees

Learn about what tuition and fees include at Harford.

Payment Schedule

View the payment deadlines to complete student enrollment.

Financial Aid

Learn the number of ways students can pay their bills. 

How to Pay

Pay online or pay in person at the Cashier’s or Student Center.

Calculator sitting on book

Net Price Calculator

Estimate your total costs, including tuition and fees, books and supplies.