Award Notification

Financial Aid Award Letters

Your aid will be applied to your account when you have registered.  Any changes to your enrollment may affect the amount of your aid.  Students who are enrolled but never attend their class(es) will be responsible for the payment of any charges to their account.  Students who stop attending their class(es) prior to the end of the term may owe a refund to the U.S. Department of Education and/or HCC.

Notice:  All further correspondence and award updates, following the inital Award Letter will be sent to students' Owlnet Email Account, OwlMail.  Please read the consumer information and student responsibilities carefully!

Understanding Your Award Letter

Award Letters will include:

  • Annual Cost of Attendance (COA) at HCC
  • Grants/Scholarships Awarded
  • Comments/Notes

There are two types of financial aid awards: gift aid and self-help aid. Gift aid does not have to be paid back. Self-help aid must be repaid through money or labor.

Gift Aid include: Scholarships and Grants

Self-Help Aid include: Federal Work Study, Federal Direct Stafford Loan and Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

Accepting & Declining Awards

After receiving the financial aid award notification, you must let HCC's Financial Aid Office know if you will be declining any awards. If you accept the above awards, you do not need to reply.  Deadlines are usually within two weeks after receiving the award notification. If a deadline is missed, you may risk losing a scholarship, grant, or loan assistance.


How is my Aid Applied?

Once a student has registered for a class(es) for a semester or term, financial aid will be applied to current charges.  You may log-in to your OwlNet account to view the status anytime.