In Their Words

... a unique play about the experiences of individuals with disabilities which promises, "you will never look at disability the same way."

About the Project

Last year, individuals with disabilities were asked to anonymously share their experiences, challenges, triumphs, funny stories, and things they wished others would know.  Submissions were collected from students, employees, alumni, and even community members and were then turned into monologues.  Additional monologues were written based on the writer’s experience working with individuals with disabilities as both a therapist and a disability support specialist.  Original monologues are fiction, but are based on common experiences, themes, and emotions expressed by individuals with disabilities over the years.  They do not represent any particular individual; any likeness is coincidental.

This play, entitled In Their Words will be performed at Harford Community College in the Blackbox Theater in Joppa Hall in October 2013 during Disability Awareness Month.  This play will allow individuals with disabilities to have a unique voice and will raise awareness about diversity, prejudgment, discrimination, respect, civility, and disabilities.  The play contains adult life themes (i.e., addiction, mental illness, war, rape, etc.) and may not be suitable for young children.  However, it could be a wonderful way to open a discussion about topical issues with an older teen or young adult.  Please join us for this very special event.

Our Vision for the Future

We would like to continue raising awareness about disability and want In Their Words to be performed on a regular basis in multiple locations.  Therefore, this production is available for performance in your community, churches, schools, colleges, and other venues.  If you are interested in having this play in your community, please contact Dawn Volkart at  We also hope performances of In Their Words will become a yearly event.

This production is made possible by the generous funding of Harford Community College's Foundation and its Grants for Innovation Program.