Accommodations and Services

Disability Support Services is primarily responsible for providing academic accommodations to students needing classroom modifications; however, we also provide numerous other services to help ensure student success. 

Academic Accommodations

Accommodations are modifications to the academic requirements that are necessary to ensure equal access to qualified individuals with a disability. Students are granted accommodations based on the documentation provided of their disability. Accommodations are tailored to meet individual needs.

Examples of accommodations include extended time for testing, books in alternate format, assistive aids and equipment, note takers, and interpreters. A minimum of four to six weeks notice may be needed to provide some accommodations.

Accommodations that are of a personal nature or will impact the essential requirements of the individual program of study will not be provided. Examples include personal care attendants and waiving of required coursework.

Harford Accommodate

Coming August 2017

Accommodate is an online self-service portal for students. Students registered with DSS will be able to submit requests, schedule appointments, and print accommodation memos from any device 24/7! Stay tuned for more information that will be posted on Blackboard Advisor Connect and OwlNet.

Please note, students may be able to log into Harford Accommodate before August 1st, but any Fall Semester Requests for accommodation memos will not be processed and approved until after August 1st.

Support Services

In addition to providing students with accommodations and handling disability-related concerns, Disability Support Services provides numerous additional services to students with disabilities, including: