Frequently Asked Questions

Can I begin college even if I don't know what I want to study or I don't have a specific career in mind?

Yes, there are a number of classes that you can take which will count as credits toward any major.  While you are taking these general requirements you can work with staff in Career Services to help you to decide on a major and career. 

What is cooperative education/internship?

Cooperative Education/Internship is an academic program which allows you to earn college credit while you work at a job related to your major.  For more information on Cooperative Education/Internship call 443-412-2301.

Where can I get help finding a job?

You can meet with a Career Services staff member to go over how to create a resume, develop effective interview skills, and conduct a job search.  You can also register with Career Services and view listings of currently available jobs.  For more information call 443-412-2301.   

When should I begin looking for a summer job?

Federal summer jobs are advertised in January and the window for application is brief. For jobs in private industry, you should begin your search late March or early April.  Throughout the school year let family and friends know that you will be looking for a summer job.

Who do I contact with disability related career questions?

You can contact Disability Support Services at 443-412-2402. You can also visit the Disability Support Services Web Page.