Degree Plans 2014-2015

students in libraryThe academic majors at HCC serve as your Degree Plan towards completion (graduation) and transfer to a four-year college or university.

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor frequently to ensure that they are meeting college graduation policies, and transfer requirements.

The Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies

Students who are working towards specific transfer requirements and are unable to follow a comparable Associates Degree at HCC prior to graduation, should follow the General Studies degree plan and meet with an advisor consistently. The General Studies degree is the preferred degree plan for students who are undecided in their educational and career goals.

Degree Plans By Division (Academic Area):

The following degree plans are organized by academic division and are designated as either a certificate or with the following abbreviations:
Associate of Arts - AA Degree
Associate of Sciences - AS Degree
Associate of Applied Sciences - AAS Degree
Associate of Arts in Teaching - AAT Degree

Behavioral Social Sciences

Criminal Justice - Option in Legal Studies AAS Degree

Criminal Justice - AA Degree

History - AA Degree

History - Public History Track - AA Degree

Paralegal Studies - AAS Degree

Paralegal Studies Certificate

Political Science - AA Degree

Political Science - International Relations Track AA Degree

Psychology - AA Degree

Sociology - General Sociology - AA Degree

Sociology - Social Work - AA Degree

Sociology - Anthropology - AA Degree

Business, Computing, & Applied Technology

Accounting - AAS Degree

Accounting - Certificate

Accounting - CPA Exam Lower Level Certificate

Business Administration - AS Degree

Business Administration - Lower Level Certificate

Business Management Administrative Professions - AAS Degree

Business Management Agribusiness - AAS Degree

Business Management Entrepreneurship - AAS Degree

Business Management Human Resources - AAS Degree

Business Management Marketing - AAS Degree

Business Management Certificate - Administrative Professions

Business Management Certificate - Agribusiness

Business Management Certificate - Entrepreneurship

Business Management Certificate - Human Resources

Business Management Certificate - Marketing

Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) - AAS Degree

Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) - Certificate

Computer Information Systems - AAS Degree

Computer Information Systems Programming Certificate

Computer Information Systems Software Certificate

Computer Information Systems UNIX Certificate

Computer Science - AS Degree

Engineering Technology - AAS Degree

Information Assurance and Cyber Security - AAS Degree

Information Assurance and Cyber Security - Certificate

Information Systems Management - AS Degree

Educational & Transitional Studies

Early Childhood Education - AAS Degree


Teacher Education - Elementary Ed/Special Education - AAT Degree

Teacher Education: Early Childhood Ed/Special Education - AAT Degree

Secondary Education - Option in Teacher Education AA Degree

Teacher Education: Secondary: Chemistry - AAT Degree

Teacher Education: Secondary: English - AAT Degree

Teacher Education: Secondary: Mathematics - AAT Degree

Teacher Education: Secondary: Physics - AAT Degree

Teacher Education: Secondary: Spanish - AAT Degree


English - AA Degree

Philosophy - AA Degree

Nursing & Allied Health Professions

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology - AAS Degree

Medical Assisting - AAS Degree

Medical Assisting - Certificate

Medical Office Assistant - Certificate

Nursing - AS Degree

Licensed Practical Nursing - Certificate in Practical Nursing

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Biology – AS Degree

Biotechnology Certificate

Chemistry - Calculus Based Physics – AS Degree 

Chemistry - Non-Calculus Based Physics -AS Degree

Engineering – AS Degree

Environmental Science – AS Degree

Environmental Technology – AAS Degree

Environmental Technology Certificate

Mathematics – AS Degree

Physics – AS Degree

Visual Performing and Applied Arts

Art & Design - Fine Arts - AA Degree

Art & Design - Digital Arts - AA Degree

Art & Design - Graphic Design - AA Degree

Art & Design - Photography - AA Degree

Photography Certificate 

Interior Design - AAS Degree

Interior Decorating Certificate

Music - AA Degree

Mass Communications - Advertising & Sales Promotion - AAS Degree

Mass Communication - Advertising & Sales Promotion Certificate

Mass Communications - Production & Announcing in the Electronic Media - AAS Degree

Mass Communications - Production & Announcing in the Electronic Media Certificate

Theatre - Performance - AA Degree

Theatre - Design/Production - AAS Degree