Documentation Guidelines

Disability and Student Intervention Services (DSIS) requires that all students requesting services provide thorough documentation of their disability from a qualified professional. A copy of the student's IEP from high school is not sufficient documentation.

The certification forms below were developed to provide DSIS with the information needed to determine which accommodations and services are appropriate. Please have your health care provider fill out the appropriate form as completely as possible. Complete documentation must be provided before accommodations can be granted.

Disability Tuition Waiver

Any resident of the State of Maryland who is retired from the work force by reason of total and permanent disability and is receiving either SSI or SSDI from the Social Security Administration, or disability benefits from Railroad Retirement or a Federal Pension system may register tuition-free for any class in which ten or more paying students have enrolled. To receive this exemption, eligible students need to apply for the Disability Tuition Waiver.

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Additional information regarding statewide guidelines for University System of Maryland institutions and Maryland community colleges is presented.

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