Academic Policies

Grading System

Harford uses the following letter grades:

  • A - 4 points
  • B - 3 points
  • C - 2 points
  • D - 1 point
  • F - 0 points

Grades are not weighted. Other grades used are as follows:

  • W = Withdrawal
  • I = Incomplete
  • K = Audit
  • N = No grade provided by instructor

Credit is not awarded for grades W, I , K, and N.

Academic Honors are given to students who excel. President's List is awarded to academic achievers with a minimum of 3.76 GPA. Dean's List is awarded to academic achievers with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Academic Actions

At Harford, there are many services in place to help students succeed and we encourage all students to seek assistance when needed. Should a student fall short academically, there following limits are added to their account:

  • Academic Restriction - Students are given a limited registration status of 7 credits or less per semester if GPA falls below 2.0.
  • Academic Suspension - Students must sit out a fall or spring semester before returning and registering for classes.

Course Status Change

Students may change their course status in OwlNet or in person at the Registration and Records Office. Courses can be added or dropped without financial or academic penalty prior to the deadline. If after the refund deadline, a student may withdraw from a course. This is the student's responsibility and a "W" will appear on their transcript. Students should keep in mind nonattendance does not relinquish them from their financial obligation.

Be sure to refer to the full list of add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines in the Academic Calendar.