Discover History

Learn to see multiple points of view. Explore relationships between circumstance and human character. Combine research and evidence with storytelling. See the past and shape the future.

Majoring In History

Majoring in history is certainly not old news! History majors learn valuable skills that are central to many of today’s careers. They are trained in critical thinking, analysis, research, and effective writing; and develop an interdisciplinary thought process that is highly marketable to employers.

Careers In History

Like many of the liberal arts majors, history doesn’t often present a straight career path. Many history majors are preparing for careers in such areas as law, government, administration, politics, journalism, international business, and more recently, public history, consulting, archive management, and filmmaking.

Learning By Doing

History majors at Harford will find opportunities for internships, leadership and volunteering. In the past two years, HCC has placed Public History interns with organizations such as:

  • The Lock House
  • Historical Society of Harford County
  • Hays-Heighe House
  • The Baltimore Orioles

Contact Information

Dr. James Karmel 

Advising, Career, and Transfer Services