Veterinary Assistant

If you have an interest in the health and well-being of animals, this program is for you.

Learn to work as part of a veterinarian team to improve the health of animals. Veterinary assistants play a very hands-on-role in the care and treatment of animals. Some even assist in surgery.

Required Exams

  • A basic math test (ACA)*. Your score must be at 8th grade level.
  • A basic reading test (ACR)*. Your score must be at 9th grade level.

*These assessments are available in the Test Center located in Fallston Hall. For an appointment please call 443-412-2352.*


  • Animal First Aid & CPR
  • Massage Therapy for Animals
  • Introduction to Veterinary Assistant Training


  • Veterinary Assistant Training I: Outpatient Care
  • Veterinary Assistant Training II: Diagnostics & Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Assistant Training III: Patient Care & Treatment
  • Veterinary Assistant Training IV: Surgery, Anesthesia, & Emergency Care
    Veterinary Assistant Training V: large & Exotic Animals
  • Exotic Animal Externship 

*If you do not have a GED or High school Diploma, please contact Adult Literacy at 443-412-2152*